How Big Do Australian Labradoodles Get?

Australian Labradoodles can grow from 14-24 inches calling them from mini Australian Labradoodle to  standard Australian Labradoodle and weigh almost 65 pounds. This dog breed can fit in every lifestyle of yours, whether it’s a cozy apartment or a big house. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to choose the correct size of the dog breed which is discussed further in this blog. 

This blog explores the fascinating world of the Australian Labradoodle and gives you the knowledge to choose the perfect dog to add to your lifestyle with ease. We’ll see the size variation in detail, reveal the factors that affect their final size, and guide you toward choosing the ideal stunning companion based on your residency and activity level.

Size variations in Australian Labradoodle

Australian labradoodle size varies differently i.e. from miniatures to medium, and standards. Finding the labradoodle suitable for your house and environment is extremely crucial. Labradoodles being an active and playful dog breed require this kind of amount of space to function and grow properly. 

  • Miniature Marvels: The miniature labradoodles stand as tall as 14-16 inches, and weigh about 15-25 pounds. These are compatible with smaller homes and apartments. Having a space crunch but still want a dog? They are perfect! Whether you need a little playful time with your pdf after work or want a playful evening in the park. They can do both. 
  • Medium-sized: Medium Australian Labradoodles stand 17-20 inches tall while weighing as much as 30-45 pounds, they provide a balanced ratio between the mini labradoodle and the big ones. They fit both types of living situations from the most spacious homes to some of the coziest apartments. They are quite energetic as well. Love to be playful and have physical activities around the house and at parks. 
  • Standard Stunners: For people looking for a cuddly bear with cuddles on the couch in the evening. This is your breed. They dashingly stand 21-24 inches and weigh approx 65 pounds in weight. I know, how adorable. Standard labradoodles require a huge breathing room compatible with their size and energy. 

Whether you’re drawn to the American Labradoodle, Miniature Australian Labradoodle, or any other variation of this delightful breed, one thing is certain: Labradoodles bring joy, companionship, and endless love to countless families around the world. 

It’s crucial to note that you pick the size according to your feasibility and not your liking. Making the right choice will be a great compatibility factor for you both. Choosing the right labradoodle will make you get the lifestyle you desire. 

Coating also Matters

Coat type is another factor to consider when choosing a Labradoodle. From the curly wool coat reminiscent of the Poodle to the straight, wavy coat inherited from the Labrador Retriever, each variation offers its own charm and maintenance requirements. Some Labradoodles even have a fleece coat, which combines elements of both parents’ coats for a soft and luxurious feel.

For those concerned about allergies or shedding, the hypoallergenic qualities of many Labradoodles make them an excellent choice. This is particularly true for multigenerational Labradoodles, which have been selectively bred for generations to minimize allergens and maintain consistent coat qualities.

Other than the genes, what else shapes a labradoodle’s size and shape?

Genetics no doubt definitely play an important role in shaping labradoodle size, but that ain’t the only influencing factor:  

  • Genetic Predisposition: Genetics do matter as that’s a major characteristic that is inherited from their parents. The breeders especially pair Labradoodles accordingly to achieve the best labradoodle with fantastic characteristics. That is what the amazing aspect is about Australian Labradoodles carrying a long lineage of heritage. 
  • Nutritional Influence: Nutritional factor is an important factor for any breed and size. However, these especially bred Australian Labradoodles require a well-balanced meal proportionate to their sizes. Improper nutrition can affect the development and growth of the puppy. 

Matching Lifestyle with Size

Making the right choice about the sick is crucial not only for you but for the puppy too. There are some factors to consider while deciding the size of your Australian labradoodle:

Living Space: If you are someone who stays in an apartment or a small house, it’s best to get a miniature or probably a medium since they can easily adapt to the surroundings according to their sizes. On the other hand, the standard Labradoodles require a huge amount of space to fit in, with all the energy they need to let out, they might feel crammed in small spaces. 

Activity Level: If you are an active and routine-oriented person, you could probably go for a standard labradoodle, as they are fun, energetic, and require timely walks and playtime. However, if you are more of staying at home with irregular timings about the walks you can probably get a miniature with less energy demands and more of a cuddly bear on the couch. 

With their charming personalities and captivating brown eyes, Labradoodles make wonderful companions for any family. Developed by Wally Conron, Labradoodles have gained recognition worldwide, with reputable associations like the Australian Labradoodle Association providing valuable breed information and resources. Whether you’re seeking a playful pup or a loyal companion, Labradoodles offer a winning combination of intelligence, affection, and versatility, making them a cherished addition to any home.

What are the possible factors that influence the size of the Australian labradoodle?

  • Parents: The size of the breeder parents plays a crucial role in determining the potential of the child’s growth. Breeders are usually very significant in terms of size during breeding. 
  • The gender: The male Labradoodles are a bit bigger than the female ones.
  • Individual variations: Although the breeding parents might be the same, the size and traits of the siblings differ in some patterns due to the genetic makeup. 


Australian Labradoodles are playful, intelligent, and loyal dogs. They come in beautiful sizes like – miniature, medium, and standard sizes. This blog educates you on which size of an Australian labradoodle will be perfect for you and your lifestyle. 

We see the factors that affect their sixes, which one of them you should choose, and the degree of potential compatibility.

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